Waterpik Ultra vs. Aquarius

Waterpik Ultra vs. Aquarius

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Waterpik produces some of the best oral irrigators out there. Both the Waterpik Ultra and the Waterpik Aquarius are excellent products providing far better cleaning power than manual flossing could ever muster. They’re almost essential for anyone who has had dental work done, and a fantastic upgrade to dental floss for those who maintain good oral hygiene habits.

We’ll be taking you through a look at both units so that you know which is better suited to your own personal hygiene routine. Both are guaranteed to provide a much better dental hygiene clean than almost any other oral irrigation devices.

Which is More Effective?

There’s no clear difference between how well each unit cleans. They’ve got identical capacity and pressure settings, as well as the same functional rotatable nozzle.

The flow rate and pulse rate are exactly the same, and other than the massage mode, the way each delivers water to the mouth doesn’t differ either. The other differences between the Waterpik Aquarius and the Ultra are features that affect the ease of use and the basic look.

Some claim that they prefer the Aquarius due to creating less mess while cleaning. For others, that is just a matter of opinion. Consider the design to see which is the easiest to handle for you.

Waterpik Ultra vs. Aquarius

Waterpik Hydro-Pulse Massage

The Hydro-Pulse Massage function on the Aquarius model is the main defining difference and the only one that improves the overall degree of cleaning. This system uses a distinctive water pulsation pattern that stimulates the gums while removing debris and plaque.

The massage mode is extremely useful for those who are suffering from advanced conditions like gum disease and gingivitis, as well as anyone with braces, implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers.

Not everyone needs the massage mode that the Aquarius provides. It’s for people who specifically need to improve their gum health. For example, if you’ve got bleeding gums, this is the best way to find relief and reduce the bleeding within the quickest period possible.

Other Differences

There aren’t too many differences that set each Waterpik apart — the Ultra and the Aquarius offer similar practical usability and equal cleaning power. You can expect near-equal dental hygiene improvements when using either device. However, you’ll notice that the Ultra comes with six cleaning tips, while the Waterpik Aquarius has seven. You will receive the following with every Waterpik Aquarius and Ultra:

  • Two classic jet tips for general cleaning at twice the effectiveness of string floss
  • A toothbrush tip that lets you brush and floss simultaneously
  • A single ‘plaque seeker’ tip that isolates hard to reach areas and facilitates easy cleaning for those with implants, crowns, bridges, veneers
  • An orthodontic tip that is ideal for people who have bracers, cleaning at three times the effectiveness of string floss
  • A ‘pik pocket’ tip which is purposed for cleaning below the gum line and inside periodontal pockets for those who have them

The Waterpik Aquarius gives an extra classic jet tip, upping the total to three. There is no other tip differences. The final feature that comes with the Aquarius but not the Waterpik Ultra is the timer. While most aren’t too bothered by this time-old addition to most electric toothbrushes and water flossers, some like the way that it reminds them to move from one area of the mouth to another.

What About Cheaper Water Flossers?

Waterpik is the first brand to undergo scientific testing to confirm its cleaning power. There’s no product that can compare to the years of development and improvement that this manufacturer boasts.

Since 1962, Waterpik has been producing the finest oral irrigation devices setting the standard for all other competing products. Most attempt to mimic the design but fall far short. The difference in price does not warrant the absence of proven results. After all, the whole Waterpik range remains accessible and carries highly competitive pricing. Don’t settle for a substitute.

Final Verdict — Waterpik Ultra vs. Waterpik Aquarius 

If the color is of importance to you, then you should note that the Ultra comes in blue while the Aquarius is white. The Waterpik Aquarius is the more compact of your two options, so if you’re pressed for space in your bathroom, keep this in mind.

The Aquarius costs marginally more, but the few extra features and noticeably better ease-of-use makes it worth it. Both products are excellent for tooth and gum health, and the perfect solution for getting kids into good dental habits. Using a water flosser is fun, effective, and there is no risk of harming the gums while flossing.

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