Shyn Toothbrush Subscription Service Review

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Dental care is immensely important, yet many of us seem to forget about it and end up paying thousands of dollars in dentist bills. The truth is, though, that ensuring optimal dental health isn’t tricky – it all comes down to brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. Now, while manual toothbrushes can do the job, investing in a powerful electric one is probably a better decision to make.

Not only because of the reduced effort that you will need to invest in the process, but also because these brushes feature adaptable brush heads, as well as pressure sensors that will ensure optimal dental health while protecting your gums.

Since there is more than one brand that provides high-quality products of this kind, choosing the right one depends on a couple of factors, including your budget and preference.

If you would ask us, a monthly subscription to Shyn will do miracles for your oral care, but what does it include and who is it for in the first place? Let’s take a look!

Shyn Toothbrush Subscription Service


Before we get into reviewing all the great things that are related to this subscription service, it is important to say a word or two about the toothbrushes that they offer. Much like the Oral B models, these are highlighted by great power and low vibration and are really simple to maneuver.

Not only that, but there are also four different cleaning modes that you can choose from, depending on whether you want to focus on whitening or regular dental care. Additionally, with a few intensity levels and a pressure sensor, you will be able to ensure optimal results without the risk of bleeding gums.

Now, as you know, the brush head is something that needs to be changed every month or so, which is why subscribing to this Shyn service is one of the best things you can do! For a low price, you are getting one brush head every 2-3 months, accompanied by reliable customer service and warranty policy.

Overall, if you are looking to make a wise investment towards your dental care, then going for the Shyn Toothbrush Subscription service is something you will not regret!

Who is this product for?

As we have mentioned above, this product is mostly for people who tend to forget about the fact that brush heads need to be replaced every month. Thus, by subscribing to this service, you will not have to think about anything, as a replacement head will come to your address every 60-90 days. In our opinion, for the aforementioned low price and great customer service that it is accompanied by, this offer is more than worth it!

What’s included?

The best thing about the Shyn subscription service is that you are getting to customize the offer to your needs. What this means is that you choose between three different brush heads that you can receive, including plaque removal, gum care, and whitening. Additionally, there is a lifetime warranty that will support your needs and ensure optimal service throughout your subscription.

Overview of Features

The way that this subscription works is that you start by paying for a Shyn electric toothbrush, and then you can pay for a refill every two to three months in order to receive replacement brush heads regularly.

One of the best things about this service is that it is 100% customizable, and there is a variety of product collections that you can choose from, including brighter smile and effective brushing. Not only that, but, instead of getting the same brush head every 2-3 months, you can choose between three types.

As mentioned before, the three types of heads are designed for optimal gum health, plaque removal, and teeth whitening.

There is no doubt that the lifetime warranty you are getting with this subscription is what seals the deal for most people. Now, we do think that it would be cool if the subscription included some other accessories (floss, toothpaste), but the offer is still worth it just as it is!

How to Use It

As we have mentioned above, it all comes down to filling in the request for an electric toothbrush and renewing the subscription on a regular basis in order to get replacement brush heads and a lifetime warranty.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Three different brush heads
  • Versatile product collections
  • Refill every 2 months


  • Not compatible with other brushes


Gob Review

A great alternative to the aforementioned Shyn is the Gob, which comes at almost the same price and doesn’t fall far behind the Shyn. Yes, the refill with this one is possible only every 3-4 months, but, other than that, it is still a good subscription service for any toothbrush enthusiast.


At the end of the day, something like a Shyn toothbrush subscription is a superb investment towards oral care and dental health. Paying just a few dollars a month will keep you worry-free for life!