Is Water Flossing as Good as Regular Flossing

Is Water Flossing as Good as Regular Flossing?

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Water flossing isn’t as good as regular flossing — it’s better. There’s no comparison. It’s far better in countless ways than regular manual flossing could ever be. When you use an oral irrigation device and water floss, you reach areas of your mouth that are almost impossible to clean under normal circumstances.

More plaque is removed, leaving you with teeth that are truly free from biofilm. Sensitivities improve, which makes water flossing the better option for children, those with sensitive teeth and gums, and everyone who’s had any type of dental work.

There are simply so many levels to how much better water flossing is for you that once you’ve tried it, you’ll never use dental floss again.

Primary Benefits of Water Flossing

Whether you compare the plaque-busting benefits or the ability to clean below and behind the gumline, water flossing is always a better choice. There are many factors that make water flossing better than regular flossing. You’re rewarded with profound benefits to oral health that include but are not limited to:

  • Reduction in bacterial growth
  • Improvement of periodontal infections
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Safer and gentle for all types of teeth and gums
  • The best cleaning action for orthodontic appliances
  • Deeper cleaning than string floss
  • Near-complete plaque removal
  • Effective periodontal pocket cleaning
Is Water Flossing as Good as Regular Flossing

The Science Behind Water Flossing

Studies conducted by the University of Nebraska revealed that using a water flosser improves general gum health by up to 52% While seen as the authority, there are at least five other studies confirming this degree of efficiency.

Water flossing is up to three times more effective at removing debris and plaque from around braces while proving to be up to twice as effective around implants. String floss can't compare.

Extended Reach and Better Cleaning

The immediate benefits of a water flosser are noticeable. Studies from the University of Southern California Center for Biofilms tested the efficiency of a Waterpik and found that it removes 99.9% of all plaque within just three-seconds of flossing.

Given the versatility of the cleaning head, which lets you reach all areas of the mouth, this cleaning power extends to the whole of your mouth. This includes below the gum line and your roof/palette. Furthermore, yellowing and discoloration will lighten over time as the deep-cleaning power of pressurized water gets rid of everything clinging your damaged enamel.

The Ability to Clean Periodontal Pockets

One of the prime benefits of using a water flossing over regular flossing is how it cleans out periodontal pockets. Without proper cleaning, bacteria grows, which can either trigger or worsen gum disease.

Without the need for any chemical-based mouth rinse, a good water flosser gets rid of all bacteria and is a huge asset to anyone who is trying to overcome conditions like gingivitis and bleeding gums. Without treatment, periodontal pockets worsen. Without a water flossing, the only way to clear them is to visit a dentist for a cleaning.

The Danger of Periodontal Pockets

These pockets form a continual buildup of bacteria around the gums. This bacteria hardens and then turns to tartar, which can't be brushed off. When the tartar is left untreated, it enflames the gums spurring the condition known as gingivitis.

As this swelling worsens, it can create a pocket between your teeth and gums, causing the gums to recede away from the teeth. Without treatment, the pocket will become deeper, showing the progression of periodontal disease, and eventually lead to the point where the tartar reaches the underlying bone.

Regular cleaning will create an environment whereby there is no more tartar left, and healing thus continues at a far faster rate. With nothing threatening the tissue and causing inflammation, the pocket will eventually go away.

Characteristics of a Good Water Flosser

A good water flosser like one of the excellent models from Waterpik or a HydroFloss gives proven results that you can rely on. They’re fairly inexpensive, especially when you consider the fact that it could easily never need replacing.

There are lots of different models to choose from but ultimately make sure that you buy a brand that is backed by years of good service and independent studies that confirm the cleaning power and oral hygiene benefits. Low-cost knockoffs are a waste of time and money, giving better cleaning than regular flossing in most cases but not coming close to one of the big-name brands.

You can compare the cleaning provided by a good water flossing device to a clean from a dental hygienist. There’s no better way to take care of your mouth.

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