Hydrofloss vs Waterpik

Hydrofloss vs Waterpik

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Dental hygiene tools have evolved, allowing us to take better care of our teeth and gums than ever before. With the right tools, you can take care of plaque and debris while helping promote good oral health with minimal effort.

As we all know, flossing is essential. What many have not realized is that there is a much better way to do this — water flossing.

Oral irrigation devices like HydroFloss and Waterpik supply far better cleaning than is possible by hand. They also reach places that you’d usually miss. We’ll be showing you what both are capable of so that you can make an informed decision over which is best for you.

What is a HydroFloss?

HydroFloss is also known as a magnetized water oral irrigator. This apparatus works against plaque and calculus indices to improve gingival health.

Numerous studies have confirmed its efficacy, making this a tool that provides clinical improvement in the gingival index, and a significant degree of cleaning control. HydroFloss uses the technology of hydromagnetics to reduce tartar and bacteria within the oral cavity.

Combining magnetohydrodynamics with cutting-edge oral irrigation technology has created a tool that inhibits bacteria’s ability to hold on to the surface of teeth.

You get the benefits of pressure, and the magnetic design pulls all types of bacteria, plaque, and other unwanted debris off the enamel of your teeth and from the region below your gumline.

What is a Waterpik?

Waterpik is an at-home oral irrigator that uses a dental water jet to pressure clean the plaque and debris off your teeth, between them and below the gum line. A Waterpik water flosser supplies a pressurized stream of water that makes flossing easy for anyone. This device works wonderfully for reaching hard-to-access areas, and it’s fantastic for keeping tightly spaced teeth clean.

The only downside to using a Waterpik is that it may not always be strong enough to remove all the plaque present. Most people string floss first and then use their Waterpik.

Hydrofloss vs Waterpik

The Benefits of Water Flossing

Technology has come a long way since the introduction of the first oral irrigator way back in 1962. Since the earliest studies were established, it became common knowledge that a water flosser is a highly effective tool for removing plaque/biofilm.

Early tools during the ’70s reported a 50% reduction in plaque on average. More recent studies show that a water flosser used for just three seconds on medium pressure removes 99.9% of all the biofilm on the treated area.

When you combine a toothbrush with a water flosser, the results improve dramatically. Whole mouth reduction in plaque over 75% were shown on a one-time use study, while over four weeks, significant improvement was found.

HydroFloss Innovations

While there are no direct studies comparing the effectiveness of a HydroFloss device over a Waterpik, there are certain things that it can do than a Waterpik is incapable of. Here’s a look at the few key features that make a HydroFloss different:

  • Adjustable pressure for users with sensitive or damaged gingival tissue
  • Variable flow control that allows you to pause the stream
  • Large water tank for extended cleaning sessions and a rush-free experience
  • Long cord improving usability and basic functionality
  • Smaller, practical design makes it easy to reach everywhere within the mouth and below the gumline

Factors to Keep in Mind

You must, however, remember that a HydroFloss is a much noisier tool than most Waterpiks, and some users have criticized just how hard you have to push the pause button before it works. Although not confirmed, leaks are reported after frequent extended use due to the strong, vibrating/pulsating action.

This is to be expected from any oral irrigation device. Waterpik is also an older brand, being in establishment since 1962. Almost all clinical studies are based off Waterpik models making it the more reputable choice for some.

Great All-Round Dental Hygiene Devices

What all of this means is that no matter which device you choose, you’re getting far better dental hygiene overall. Nonetheless, the magnetic technology and multiple heads of a HydroFloss device make it a slightly more effective tool, although the massage feature is not needed by all individuals.

It also comes with the added advantage of running better using tap water thanks to the way that the magnetism interacts with the minerals present in the water.

When you choose and use either device regularly, you’ll see a total improvement to dental health. Whether you’re recovering from gum disease or keeping your teeth and gums in top shape, either type of water flosser is an excellent choice.

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