Gob Toothbrush Subscription Service

Gob Toothbrush Subscription Service Review

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Ensuring optimal dental health is simply a matter of regular brushing and flossing – a couple of times a day should do the trick and allow you to brag with your white teeth and healthy gums. While manual toothbrushes can be effective, electric ones are much better due to the sleek design and incredible power that they offer.

Looking at the market, there are more than a few toothbrushes that you can get great use out of. Still, Oral B and Phillips products are certainly not the most affordable if you are on a tight budget. Luckily for all of us, there are certain brands that do a good job providing affordable alternatives, including Boa, Burst, and Gob.

The latter is our personal favorite, given the great subscription service that they allow and the fair price point at which their electric toothbrush comes. For someone who is looking to get the most out of dental products and avoid expensive dentist bills, looking into this service is a wise decision!

Gob Toothbrush Subscription Service

Much like other new startups, Gob is highlighted by great customer service and a warranty policy that should leave you worry-free when investing in a dental base kit. Before we get into reviewing some of the main highlights of this subscription service, it is important to note that the base price, including the electric toothbrush, is somewhere between $60 and $90 depending on what brush head you decide to go for.

Best Toothbrush Subscription Service

Who is this product for?

Well, this product is an ideal choice for all the people that care about their teeth but are on a tighter budget and can’t really afford the products provided by Braun and Phillips. For just a few dollars every couple of months, you will be able to receive a new brush head at your home address and, thus, stay worry-free when it comes to using a reliable toothbrush.

What’s included?

Unlike some of the other subscription services, this one doesn’t come with floss or toothpaste. While that is a con of its own kind, you are still getting a good quality electric toothbrush with the base kit, as well as a good warranty policy to cover for any defects.

Overview of Features

We have already highlighted the importance of customer service and warranty policy. Luckily, with Gob, that shouldn’t represent an issue as there is a team that is always available 24/7 to instruct you on how to use the product or fix a certain issue. Talking about the subscription service that this company provides, you are looking at a cheap refill price, which is more than fair for people who are on a tight budget.

As we have mentioned above, you are not getting any additional floss or toothpaste, but the quality of the electric toothbrush you are buying with the base kit, along with a reliable 3-month refill, makes this offer worth it.

One of the best things about their product is that it comes with an oscillating head that is easy to maneuver, and it also features a separate stand that contributes to the overall portability of this electric toothbrush.

While it doesn’t feature the best battery life on the market, as it will allow around 14 days of performance, it is still a good choice and comes in three different colors, including black, pink, and white. Considering the good quality of this toothbrush, investing in the subscription service seems like a great decision!

The oscillating head and sleek design are what makes this toothbrush stand strong against some of its competitors, including Quip and Boka. No, it doesn’t have the best battery life, but, apart from that, there is not much room for concern. Not to forget, the shipping policy is quite good, as you will not be charged anything for orders above $10! Overall, it is a fine choice to settle your dental care needs!

How to Use It

There is nothing confusing about subscribing to the Gob Toothbrush Refill Service. Once you have gotten the base kit, including the electric toothbrush, you will receive a new brush head every 3 months.


  • Great customer service
  • Oscillating brush heads
  • 3-Month refills
  • Good shipping policy


  • Pricier than low-range competitors


Quip Subscription Service

Quip comes as a great alternative for all the people who didn’t have a good experience with the Gob service. Quip is another startup that offers phenomenal service for an affordable price and includes floss and toothpaste refill options, along with the brush heads. Overall, a superb choice for anyone who wants to ensure optimal dental health!


If you are looking to set your mind free from thinking about when you should replace brush heads, we suggest you subscribe to the Gob Toothbrush Service. It is reliable, offers great customer service, and provides good product quality!