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What is the Best UV Toothbrush Sanitizer?

Nowadays it has become a habit for everyone to wash their hands with soap and water multiple times a day.  Everyone carries hand sanitizer with them wherever they go. Everything is wiped down and sanitized as much as possible. But what about our toothbrushes? Since toothbrushes go in our mouths, they can harbor harmful bacteria.  […]

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What Tools Do Hygienists Use?

When you go to the dentist, you probably get your teeth cleaned by a hygienist.  It is the hygienist’s job to clean your teeth.  She has a set of special tools to do this.  Many people want to know, what tools do hygienists use? What is a Dental Hygienist? A dental hygienist works with the […]

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Shyn Toothbrush Subscription Service Review

Dental care is immensely important, yet many of us seem to forget about it and end up paying thousands of dollars in dentist bills. The truth is, though, that ensuring optimal dental health isn’t tricky – it all comes down to brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. Now, while manual toothbrushes can do the job, investing in a powerful electric one is probably a better decision to make.

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