Dagacci Scrubs Review

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My office closed briefly, due to COVID, to take some time to install protective barriers.  During this time, we decided that we should all get new scrubs. I haven’t bought scrubs in a while, so I hopped on Amazon to do a quick search. 

There are so many scrubs available.  So much, that it’s hard to decide which ones to buy.  I personally went with Dagacci Scrubs.  I decided to write this Dagacci scrubs review to help those who are also deciding which scrub set to buy. 

This post is not sponsored by Dagacci in any way, and I purchased my scrubs on my own. Now, on to the Dagacci scrubs review. For reference, I am 5’1” and about 115 lbs. I got Dagacci’s Women’s Scrub Stretch Set in size XS.  

About Dagacci

Dagacci is a company that sells medical uniforms, accessories, and PPE (personal protective equipment).  They are based out of Los Angeles, California and even have a store there. However, it seems that Dagacci does most of their sales online.  

They have been in business for the past 15 years, with the goal of providing quality medical uniforms for low prices.  

Dagacci Scrubs Review

As I mentioned earlier, I found out about Dagacci scrubs when I was searching for a scrubs set on Amazon.  I wanted scrubs that looked good, was made of quality material, and was affordable.  Upon reading Dagacci scrubs reviews online, it seemed that their scrubs checked all boxes.  

On Amazon, Dagacci scrubs reviews are pretty good.  As of this writing, there are 1,426 ratings on Amazon with an average of 4 out of 5 stars. For myself, I chose Dagacci’s Women’s Stretch Scrub Set.  This particular set is cut smaller and with slight curves for women.  I placed my order and within a week my scrubs were delivered.  



Being petite, I have always had problems with the fit of scrubs.  They are often very big and baggy on me, even when I order an XS.  However, I am really pleased with the fit of Dagacci scrubs.  The top fits perfectly – not too tight, and not too loose.  

I also like the cut of the top.  It’s more curved and feminine than unisex scrubs, which seem to be more big and boxy.  The sleeves hit at the right spot – a few inches above the elbow.  

The front of the top has several pockets – 2 large pockets on each side, as well as 4 smaller accessory pockets. I found the pockets to be really useful to hold all sorts of things while at work.  

If you plan to wear your top tucked in the pockets do kind of get in the way of that though.  So I’d recommend wearing these scrubs with the top out.  The top is a good length, hitting a few inches below the hip, so it’s a good length for me. 

The top is also tagless, which I like because no one wants to be annoyed by an itchy tag all day.  The neckline is a v-neck with a sort of mock wrap look to it.  It’s nice, stylish, and comfortable.  


The pants have an elastic band and a drawstring on the front.  It stays up throughout my entire shift, which is good because it would be annoying to have to pull my pants up all day.  The cut of these pants is straight leg with a mid rise.

As I mentioned before, I am petite (5’1” tall) so most scrub pants are long on me. Dagacci’s natural stretch set pants in size XS have an inseam of 29.5 inches.   Because of my short stature, these pants are a little long on me.  However, I am shorter than most people, so I do think the length would be great for most women.  

I’ll include a size chart below for reference of all their sizes.  Sizes range from XX-Small to XX-Large.  I do wish they had petite sizing, but this one is fine too. I’d also like it if they came out with jogger style pants.  

Overall, I am really pleased with the fit of these scrubs. They are flattering and comfortable for all day wear. 


Dagacci scrubs are made out of a mix of polyester, rayon, and spandex.  They use what they call Natural Stretch Technology to provide full range of movement and breathability.  The fabric is a good thickness. Not so thick that it gets hot, but not so thin that it is see through.  It does have a slight stretch, which I like.  

The fabric also seems pretty durable. I’ve washed my set several times now and there’s no pilling or wear visible.  The color hasn’t faded with washing either.  I did make the mistake of washing my burgundy set for the first time with a white towel.  That towel is now light pink, however my scrubs still look good. 


Dagacci scrubs come in several colors.  Their Women’s Scrub Stretch Set comes in the following:

  • Pewter Gray
  • Royal Blue
  • Burgundy
  • White
  • Black 
  • Navy
  • Ceil Blue
  • Apple Green

The colors I currently have are pewter gray, royal blue, navy, ceil blue, burgundy, and I have lavender in a different style – the Junior Style Contrast Binding Wrap Set


Dagacci scrubs also come in a unisex style.  That one comes in a lot more colors than the Women’s Stretch Scrub Set. They also have a jacket set that looks nice.  However, I don’t own those styles, so I will not review them at this time.  


The first thing that drew me to Dagacci scrubs is the price.  It is so affordable for a set of scrubs! Initially, I was worried that because of the low price, the quality wouldn’t be as good.  But, I was pleased to find out that the quality of these scrubs are great. 

Where to Buy

Dagacci’s store is located in Los Angeles, California. If you are nearby, you could buy them there. However, most of us will find it easier to order Dagacci scrubs online. 

I bought mine on Amazon to take advantage of the free shipping.  You can also place an order on Dagacci’s website. They offer free US shipping on orders over $100, so unless you have a large order, Amazon is the way to go.  


Are Dagacci scrubs good? Now I own 6 pairs and wear them daily.  I really do enjoy the fit and comfort of these scrubs.  I have found the following things about Dagacci Scrubs:


  • Affordable
  • Good fit
  • Durable material with slight stretch
  • Flattering cut


  • No petite sizing
  • No jogger style pants

Overall, I am really pleased with my Dagacci scrubs.  They look great and feel great, so what more could I ask for.  I hope this Dagacci scrubs review was able to help you find the right scrubs for your needs.