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Hydrofloss vs Waterpik: Which One is the Best Water Flosser?

If you have more plaque on your teeth your dentist may have recommended using an oral irrigator. An Oral irrigator is a great tool for people that have problems with traditional flossing. That’s why they are also usually recommended for people with braces or dental implants.   The two main types of oral irrigators are Hydrofloss […]

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Benefits of a Charcoal Toothbrush

I’m sure you’ve heard of brushing your teeth with charcoal by now.  It’s all over social media, with people brushing their teeth with black paste or powder. In fact, charcoal is a big trend in the health and beauty industry, with charcoal being a main ingredient in face masks, scrubs, and lotions.   Using charcoal powder […]

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Oral Health For Seniors

As you age your health concerns will change, and that is no different for your oral health.  Dental care for seniors is especially important because age and medication makes older adults cavity prone.  Furthermore, since oral health is connected to whole body health, it is even more important for seniors to make oral health a […]

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