Best Snap On Veneers

Best Snap On Veneers: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Smiling is our very special way of expressing happiness, love, and greetings with others. Unfortunately, for those of us with dental problems we all too often hide our issues by having a smaller smile or often just not smiling at all.

Minor issues such as discolored teeth, gaps, chipped or even missing teeth are actually very common among many people. But you'd never know because some have resorted to expensive and time intensive treatment options such as crowns. A dentist made set of veneers can run upwards of $1,000. 

One inexpensive and quick way to avoid awkward social interactions is by usig snap on veneers. They provide a very practical and affordable way to easily fix your smile. Let's take a look at three of the best snap on veneers and their top features. We'll spend some time answering important question that people like you have had about wearing snap on veneers.

Best Snap On Veneers
Comparison Chart

Imako Cosmetic Teeth Veneer for Women

Imako Cosmetic Upper Teeth Veneer

Instant Smile Comfort Fit Flex Upper Veneer

Best Snap On Veneers Reviews

Imako Cosmetic Teeth Veneer for Women

Our first review is for a snap on veneer from Imako, an American company that has been making dental products for over 30 years. This specific product is a simple and affordable way to give your smile a makeover

Product Highlights

Although this snap on veneer from Imako is specifically designed for use by women, if it fits, there is no reason why males couldn't use it too. It is a single veneer that is suitable for fitting to the upper row of teeth only. It comes with a washable carry case which means it can be taken with you and fitted, as and when required.

While some snap on veneers only covers up the very front teeth, this one from Imako extends to three teeth behind the canine teeth. This provides a uniform look across the entire upper row of teeth and means when you smile fully, there is no obvious difference between your front and back teeth.

This specific color is bleached which makes it a brilliant white color, although if you prefer not to have such a bright smile, then there are options for different shades which may be a better look on you.

Unlike dentures, there is no need for fixing adhesive. This snap on veneer stays in place due to the imprint of your own teeth, and simply clips into place. A tiny ledge behind your front teeth and side teeth provide further stability to ensure that your veneer does not move while you are talking or more importantly, smiling.

When you are fitting the snap on veneer, the job is made easier because it's flexible just enough to allow you to maneuver it into position. Similarly, removing the veneer is easier thanks to this flexibility. One point to note is that phone support is available at Imako if you have any difficulty fitting your veneer.

This snap on veneer does not require any dental visits and can be used to cover a number of dental problems including gaps, crooked teeth, and staining. It can also be used where crowns, bondings and partial dental work have already been done or fitted.

What We Like

Many veneers which claim to be snap on do so well enough however encounter issues when eating. When the Imako snap on teeth are correctly fitted, users have reported that they are able to eat comfortably.

Of course you need to avoid eating hard foods with the front teeth, however these veneers are reported to stay in place while chewing with your back teeth.

A rather nice addition is the fact that a carrying case for the veneers are provided. Many first time users order veneers online and find that they also must buy an additional case which may be an inconvenience.

Improvements To Be Made

A better stain-resistant material could be used in future upgrades. However we feel that this issue is actually not the fault of Imako's manufacturing process. 

Remember when we said that snap on veneers could be a very affordable solution? Imako Cosmetic Teeth for Women is priced very attractively. Another thing to note is that if you are consistently eating with them in, then staining over time is normal. Real teeth is made of much more stronger material and naturally over time, they too stain.


  • Covers full upper row
  • Stays in place well
  • Can be used with crowns, bondings, etc.
  • Phone support available
  • Washable carry case included


  • May cause an initial lisp
  • Takes time getting used to

Imako Cosmetic Upper Teeth Veneer

If you are looking for a snap on veneer for your top row of teeth, that is simple to use, inexpensive and will give your smile as natural a look as possible, then this one from Imako, ticks all those boxes and more.

Product Highlights

One of the criticisms of many snap on veneers is that they are so brilliantly white, it is obvious that they are not the wearer's natural teeth. Admittedly there are those who prefer their veneers to be as white as possible, but if you are a bit more self-conscious about wearing a veneer than others, this is not likely to be your preference.

That is why the natural coloring of Imako's snap on veneer allows you to wear one, and for your smile to look as natural as possible. They are still white, but it is a tone more in line with what normal, healthy teeth look like, rather than as though someone had coated them with Tippex or bleached them.

In terms of fitting and wearing this snap on veneer, you do not need to arrange a visit to your dentist, nor have to worry about mixing up denture fixative, or any other type of dental adhesives. The veneer has tiny ledges and projections at the back which secure it to your upper teeth, easily, and more importantly, comfortably.

The veneer is flexible, which will help you to fit, and subsequently remove it, with the minimum of effort, and for those who have never worn a veneer before, Imako has very helpfully set up a phone support service which can talk you through your first time.

When you first wear your snap on veneer is only natural that it may feel unnatural, and it can take some time to get used to, but once you have, it should give you the confidence to smile, especially as the veneer covers all your top teeth from the front, to the three teeth beyond your canine teeth.

The veneer can be used even if you have crowns, fixed veneers, bondings or partial dental implants, however it should be noted it is not compatible with braces. Nevertheless, this still enables you to hide broken teeth, missing teeth, cracked teeth or teeth which are badly stained or discolored.

What I Like

We love it when companies go that little bit further for their customers than others, and with veneers being something that many people will be using for the first time, it is great to see that Imako has set up a telephone helpline where you can be talked through the process.

What I Don’t Like

While this may be true of all snap on veneers there's no denying these do take some time getting used, and for those who have never had any kind of dental appliance in their mouth that could take even longer than normal.


  • Natural color
  • Fits securely to upper teeth
  • Covers entire front row
  • Flexible for fitting and removal
  • Telephone support available


  • Prone to staining
  • Not ideal for overbite

Instant Smile Comfort Fit Flex Upper Veneer

If you want a veneer that is going to fit your teeth as perfectly as possible then the patented Instant Smile veneer could be the one you want, given that it literally molds itself to each tooth for a secure and comfortable fit.

Product Highlights

The Instant Smile veneer's first appeal is going to be to those who want their smile to be as white and as bright as possible. This is achieved by the color of the veneer which is bleached white. The one problem that this can sometimes create is that they do not always look natural, however, thanks to mild gloss on the surface, and the natural coloring of the gum section, the effect looks as normal as can be.

Fitting this veneer may seem somewhat more complicated than others, but the payoff is that they fit more snuggly and more securely to your teeth. The process requires you to attach the fitting material to the back of the veneer, and then place this in a bowl of very hot water for around two minutes. This softens it and makes it more flexible and malleable.

You then place it onto your upper row of teeth so that the fitting material takes the shape of them. Once complete, remove the veneer and allow the fitting material to cool and harden. When hardened you can now fit the veneer for use. Admittedly, it does seem more complex, but it only takes a few minutes, and as we've said, it means the fit is going to be a lot more comfortable and reliable.

The other benefit of this fitting system is that there is no need to worry about what size you select as one size will fit all. This is due to the fact that the fitting material is molded to your own teeth, and not pre-set. They are also handmade so that should help ensure that the quality of each individual veneer is as high as possible versus simply being mass-produced from a machine.

Although the veneer materials are durable, they are also very thin, which should reduce any initial disruption to your speech when you first start wearing it.

It is ideal for wearing at functions, ceremonies, business meetings or photographs when you are not satisfied your own teeth show your smile at its best.

You also receive a small storage box that you can keep the veneer in until you need to use it.

What I Like

Using the fitting material to mold the veneer to your own teeth makes it so much more secure when being worn, and also ensures they remain comfortable for as long as possible.

What I Don’t Like

As many users have reported these do feel big when they are being worn, which can make you paranoid that they look like buck teeth. They don't, it must be said, but nonetheless the feeling can be off-putting.

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  • Patented design
  • Handmade for quality
  • Fitting materials molds to own teeth
  • Natural gum color
  • Reusable carry case


  • Fitting process is detailed
  • Can be difficult to remove

Buyer’s Guide

It is fair to say that a snap on veneer is not a dental product that many people are going to have a huge amount of knowledge about compared to items like toothbrushes, or dentures. This is especially true if you have never bought or used a veneer before.

In order to rectify that, and to help you make a more informed choice when it comes to buying a veneer, we have created a snap on veneers buyer's guide. This buyer's guide will explain some of the main features or differences in features that you need to consider when buying a snap on veneer.

Key Feature #1: Durability

The first thing to say about snap on veneers is that they are not meant to be a permanent solution to cracked, missing or stained teeth. For those, you need to visit a dental professional who can resolve these sorts of problems. That being said there is nothing to say that you can’t continue wearing snap on veneers if you are comfortable doing so for as long as you want.

In terms of how long each individual veneer should last, this can range from a couple of months to over a year. The quality of the material will play a part in this, as well as how often, and for how long during each usage, that you wear the veneer for.

There is also the hygiene aspect to consider, and given that these veneers are relatively inexpensive, you should try to change to new one every few months.

Key Feature #2: Removable

Obviously, snap on veneers are going to removable but there will be differences in how this is done and how easy it is do so. You will want to ensure that the features of your veneer include a degree of flexibility as this will make fitting and removing it much easier. Those veneers which use ledges to secure them should merely be a matter of pinching the veneer at the sides and then gently pulling it away from your teeth.

The alternative is those veneers that use a fixing material, and these can need a little bit more in the way of effort to remove them because they are molding to the exact outline of your teeth. In truth, all snap on veneers should remove easily, but if you ever find yours is being stubborn, do not use excessive force, just in case you hurt your teeth or gums.

Key Feature #3: Press On Veneers v Permanent Veneers

Just for clarity, a 'press on' veneer is just another name for snap on or clip on veneer. These are non-permanent and are a very cost-effective way for someone who is either phobic about dental work, or simply unable to afford dental work, to improve their smile. The veneer is placed over their top row of teeth and gives the impression that all their teeth and gums are present, white and healthy.

As they are non-permanent, press on veneers can be used whenever a user wishes to and therefore, they can pick and choose on what occasions and at which functions they wear it. This is important, as while you can normally drink while wearing a press on veneer, eating while wearing one is not normally recommended or indeed possible.

The term permanent veneer is slightly misleading as while they will last for many years, and in some cases decades, it is to be expected that they will need replacing at some point. They are normally made from porcelain and need to be applied to your teeth by a dentist or other dental professional. Mainly for this reason, but there are others, permanent veneers are much more expensive than press on veneers.

Finally, with permanent veneers you can eat, and drink as you would normally, however, you must still be careful as forceful biting can be enough to cause a permanent veneer to come loose.

Key Feature #4: Cleaning

While snap on veneers may look like small and very simple items, they do require a degree of care, especially if you want them to look good for as long as possible. The first thing you must do when you purchase a snap on veneer is to read any care and cleaning instructions that the manufacturer has provided. The reason is that each one uses different materials to make their veneers and it is wise to check if there are any specifics relating to what you can and cannot clean them with.

Another important point to note is that while it is obviously important to clean your veneer after use, it is every bit as important to do so before use too. Bear in mind you are going to be placing the veneer in your mouth and unless you have been keeping it in sterile conditions, it may have germs on it, even if it looks clean.

Most snap on veneers are easily cleaned using some mild soap and warm running water to rinse them. Do not expose them to very hot water, as this can cause them to go out of shape. To dry them all you need do is shake them.

Some things you should not use to clean snap on veneers include mouthwash and toothpaste, tempting as it may be to do so when you are wearing them. Also, do not use hand dryers or hair dryers to dry snap on veneers as the hot air from these appliances can damage them.

Key Feature #5: Cost

This is one of the biggest appeals of snap on veneers, especially when compared to the cost of permanent veneers or reparative dental work. Permanent veneers can cost anything from $1,000 to $2,500 per tooth, so in reality, you could be looking at $10,000 upwards for the whole top set.

In comparison, snap on veneers start from around $20, and are generally no more than $50 for the types we have been reviewing. Some manufacturers do produce bespoke veneers whereby you send them a mold of your teeth and they make it based on that mold. For these, you are likely to be charged upwards of $500, although some can go beyond $1,000.

Snap On Veneers FAQs

Question 1: What Are Snap-On Veneers?

Snap on veneers are dental cosmetic products, normally made from a combination of plastics and rubber, that fit over your teeth to change the way your smile looks. They can be fitted and removed as and when the user wishes, can hide dental problems such as cracked or missing teeth, and they cost a lot less than permanent porcelain veneers.

Question 2: What Are The Benefits Of Snap-On Veneers?

There are several benefits to snap on veneers. The most sought after is that they can hide a number of dental problems that include discolored, cracked or missing teeth and thus allow the wearer to smile with confidence, rather than being embarrassed to. They are easy to fit and remove, can be worn for any occasion, and they are priced a lot lower than permanent veneers or dental repairs.

Question 3: What Are Alternatives To Snap-On Veneers?

The alternatives to snap on veneers will vary between individuals and will depend on factors like the condition of their teeth and available budget, to name but two. For those whose teeth are in such a poor condition they warrant removal, dentures could be a cost-effective alternative if having crowns fitted would be financially impossible. In terms of veneers, there is the option of permanent veneers, although this can be expensive if you plan to have every tooth veneered.

Question 4: Why Would I Want Snap On Veneers?

There are three main reasons why you might want snap on veneers. The first is that they allow you to smile with confidence as opposed to being ashamed to, due to unhealthy, damaged or missing teeth. The second is that they are extremely easy to use and avoid the need for visits to the dentist. The third is they are inexpensive. For less than $50 you have a product that can provide a look which would otherwise cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Question 5: How To Properly Clean My Veneer?

Always check with the manufacturer for specific cleaning instructions. Beyond that most snap on veneers can be cleaned using soft soap and warm water, ensuring that you rinse them thoroughly. Do not use dental cleaning products like toothpaste or mouthwash, as these can actually damage your snap on veneer.


We hope our snap on veneers reviews, buyer's guide, and FAQs have all be very helpful in making your choice of which one you wish to purchase. As always, we are going to highlight the one which feel is the best snap on veneer, and that is the Imako Cosmetic Upper Teeth Veneer.

It is easy to fit and remove, provides a natural-looking smile for its wearer, and you even have a carry case that comes with it. Its low price also appeals greatly, as does the telephone support offered by Imako for those who are new users.

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