Best Scrubs for Sweating

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Summer is here and the weather is hot!  People who work in healthcare know that while scrubs are made for comfort, at times they can be warm too. We are often on our feet, moving around all day, so we definitely can get sweaty.  If you are looking for scrubs that are lightweight and good for hot weather, read on for the best scrubs for sweating. 

What to Look for In Scrubs

When looking for the best scrubs to wear in hot weather, material and fit are key. For material, choose from natural or synthetic fabric.  Fit is important because you won’t be comfortable in scrubs that are too baggy or too tight.


When it’s hot, the #1 thing to look for in scrubs is the material.  Choosing the wrong material can lead to lots of discomfort.  The best scrubs for sweating will consist of light, breathable fabric.


Cotton is a good material for sweating because it’s a natural fiber that allows for lots of airflow.  It also absorbs moisture, rather than allowing it to sit on your skin. Cotton is also easy to care for and mostly stays wrinkle free.  


Bamboo is a great high quality material that does well with sweat.  It is very breathable and light.  Bamboo absorbs sweat, but also has a natural resistance to odor, mildew, and bacteria, making it a good choice for scrubs for sweating. 


Linen is another fabric that is lightweight and breathable.  It also does not cling to the body which can help with sweating. A downside of linen is that it tends to wrinkle. 


Synthetic fabrics like polyester and rayon repel water, so the sweat will instead stay trapped on your skin.  A good thing about polyester is that it is quite durable, so it can take some wear and tear. However, polyester does tend to be hot.  

Rayon is lightweight and doesn’t trap heat the way polyester does, but it also does not absorb moisture like cotton.  Rayon does offer moderate breathability.  

Many scrubs are a blend of synthetic and natural fabric.  A polyester and cotton blend are often used in uniforms and clothing. The reason is that because 100% cotton rips easily, so adding polyester to it increases the fabric’s strength and durability.  Poly cotton blend fabric is a good choice for heavy usage, such as scrubs. 


In general, a looser fit is best for sweating because it gives your skin some room to breathe.  Scrubs that are too tight will soak up sweat and stay close to your skin, making you rather uncomfortable.  

However, you do not want your scrubs to be so loose that there are piles of fabric around your body.  Look for scrubs that are slightly fitted, but not clinging to your body. 

Best Scrubs for Sweating

Dagacci Scrubs

Dagacci Scrubs are made from a poly cotton blend fabric.  These scrubs are lightweight and breathable.  The fit is nice in that it is somewhat form fitting, but does not cling to the body at all. Even though these scrubs are not 100% cotton, I do still find them comfortable in hot weather.

I’ve noticed that these scrubs also do well with moisture.  After spilling water on them, the fabric absorbed the water right away.  The wet areas also dried very quickly.  

Dagacci Scrubs come in many colors and fit for both men and women. Their sets are good quality and extremely affordable.  

See my full review on Dagacci Scrubs here.

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Dickies V Neck Top 

Dickies has long been known to make tough workwear that lasts. That is no exception when it comes to their scrubs.  I like this scrubs top for sweating because although it is a poly-cotton blend, it is made mostly of cotton.  

That means that these scrubs are light and breathable, but also durable, from the polyester.  This top also has side vents, which is great for warm weather.  

Other features of these scrubs are a contemporary fit V-neck top, two patch pockets with instrument slots, a bungee loop above the right pocket, multi needle contrast topstitching.

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Adar Universal Scrubs for Women – Snap Front Scrub Top

This scrub top by Adar Uniforms is made of a poly-cotton blend poplin fabric. Poplin is thin, durable, and holds its shape well. It also makes a great scrub for sweating because poplin is very breathable. 

This scrub top also features a snap front, which I really like for sweating because it is easy to put on and take off.  We all know how uncomfortable it is to have to peel off a sweaty scrub top at the end of the day.  With this snap front, both taking off and putting on the top is comfortable and easy.

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Tips for Working in the Heat

Even though we are at work, it is still important to take care of ourselves, especially when working in the heat.  Follow the tips below to stay safe while working in hot weather.

  • Stay hydrated – Make sure you drink lots of fluids throughout the day. However, avoid dehydrating drinks such as coffee and alcohol.  
  • Pace yourself – Work at a slow and steady pace.
  • Take a break – Take frequent breaks in a cool, shady area.
  • Clothing – Wear lightweight, loose fitting clothes.
  • Monitor yourself – Be aware of symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion.  Symptoms of heat stroke are hot, red skin, rapid pulse, chills, and confusion.  Symptoms of heat exhaustion are excessive sweating, fatigue, cramps, and clammy skin.  
  • Use a damp rag – If you feel yourself overheating, place a damp rag around your neck.  


The best scrubs for sweating are lightweight, breathable, and absorb moisture. Poly-cotton is a great fabric for sweating because cotton allows for airflow, while polyester adds strength and durability.